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Ep. 13 – Safaree Talks Nicki, Nas, Nudes & New Single “Hunnid”

Safaree joins the show fresh off a crazy week where his nudes were tops news & his new single “hunnid” is making major moves. The guys don’t hold back asking everything you want to know about whether he and Nicki could get back together, how he found out Nicki kissed Nas & what he thinks of Meek. The latest relationship rumors are also on the table as he discussed everyone from JuJu to Dream Doll & MariahLynn. Plus – the premiere of his new music video, his thoughts on new rappers, ghostwriters & a whole lot more! Subscribe Now!

Weekend Recap – 0:10
Rick Ross life support – 4:20
Safaree Interview (Hunnid Record) – 7:00
Safaree Interview (Love & Hip-Hop) – 13:15
Safaree Interview (Nicki Minaj) – 28:20
Pass the Bar (Hunnid) – 59:00
Leaked Nudes / Checking Safaree’s DMs – 1:13:10
1:22:00- Safaree Top 5 rappers
1:31:25- Shots Fired

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