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Ep. 16 – Donna from Black Ink Crew talks: sex tape, being robbed & much more

Donna joins the guys for a wild episode filled with plenty of sex talk and too much booze. The vagina slayer joins Donna to give their first public statement on the infamous bathroom sex clip that went viral plus the status of their current relationships and hooking up with clients. Donna shares details of how she became a tattoo artist, who she’s listening to in hip-hop and they touch on some hot topics like Safaree getting robbed & Fab’s pending charges. Matt and Donna compete in a high stakes edition of shots fired with the winner getting to tattoo the other person. For more >> Subscribe Now!

0:00 Intro
6:00 Donna Interview
11:00 Tattooing Herself
14:15 Sex w/ Clients
15:00 Testicle Tattoo
21:00 Hooking up w/ Females
24:00 Black Ink Crew Relationships
29:00 Donna Growing Up / Becoming an artist
36:00 Dutchess Hookup, Claiming Rape
44:30 Donna & Jadah
45:50 Bathroom Sex Tape
58:00 More Sex Tape Details
1:05:00 Vagina Slayer Joins The Show

1:15:44 Where’s Bizkit?
1:20:53 Fab Charges
1:50:00 Pass the Bar – G Herbo
1:52:00 Pass the Bar – Cardi B
1:54:00 Cardi Ghostwriter
2:07:00 Safaree Robbed
2:26:45 Shots Fired / Matt & Donna Bet
2:34:28 Matt Tattoos Donna


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