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Ep. 23 – The Egg is Slain, The Most Viral Kids on the Internet Stop By

The guys are back in 2019 with special guests: Princezee, Daniel, Big Dilf, Egg & Josh Kesselman, Founder of Raw Rolling Papers. This week they cover everything from R. Kelly, Kanye & Travis Scott at the superbowl to 10 year photos, learning how to growl and tie the velveeta du-rag.

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Intro: Guests- 0:30
Famous egg skit/ Matt intro- 1:50
Interview w/ Daniel & Zee- 4:45
Shout out Scuffle- 37:45
(Part 2) Intro: Guest- 39:32
Interview w/ Big Dilf – 40:10
Pass the Bar- 46:35
* 47:00-48:02 no sound
Interview continued 48:50
R.Kelly Discussion- 1:00:45
Velveeda- 1:06:05
10 years photos- 1:07:15
Barclays Biz W/ Fatboy SSE- 1:11:04
Travis Scott & Super bowl- 1:13:50
Lil Uzi Label controversy- 1:22:20
Washed or Lit- 1:31:50
Jeff Bezos- 1:38:40
Shots Fired- 1:47:15
Josh Kesselman – Raw Rolling Papers – 2:02:20


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