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Ep. 24 – YesJulz talks culture vulture critics, blasts Joe Budden, Mook Defends R.Kelly

The guys welcome YesJulz to the show so she can explain her recent controversies and criticism that she is a culture vulture or a racist. In this candid interview, she also opens up about her leaked sex tape, calls out Joe Budden for being a ‘liar’ and a ‘clown’ and discusses why Karen Civil and other women in the industry don’t like her. Julz also shares her latest humanitarian efforts, brings her new artist on to freestyle for Mook & gives her take on Kanye West after working with him on many projects.

Also: Mook comes to the defense of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson plus much more explosive debate you don’t want to miss.

7:00- Guest Intro
12:15- Yes Julz Interview
30:10- Pass the bar
33:00- Interview Continued
33:10- Julz Talks Joe Budden
36:45- Julz “Culture Vulture” Controversy
1:27:33- Washed Or Lit
1:35:15- Julz Working With Kanye
1:52:30- Julz Sex Tape Controversy
2:27:32- Mook Defends R.Kelly & MJ

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