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Ep. 25 – YesJulz Controversy, Joe Budden’s Hypocrisy, Plus Smash or Pass

Mook returns from vacation to address the last controversial episode with ItsBizkit & Movie Matt. Both are given the opportunity to apologize, discuss issues with Joe “Buggin” (including why Mook is hurt and thinks Joe is a hypocrite) and what they would do differently. Matt gives his perspective and the guys have a larger conversation about race relations including remarks from Mook’s special guest Brother John. Plus Biz reveals his new brand deal, the guys give their “smash or pass” takes on celebrity lesbians following Kodak Black “shooting his shot” at Young M.A. Subscribe for more of the latest episodes!!

This episode is dedicated to Cliff Lewis Dixon & Tech 9 – R.I.P.

1:00 – Mook returns from vacation to bad news
4:00 – Biz Belaire Ambassador
5:45 – Mook Apology?
7:00 – Mook’s Truth
8:15 – Biz Apology?
9:30 – Mook on YesJulz background
14:55 – Mook taking negative comments personally?
17:15 – Is being offended trendy?
19:50 – Would Mook do anything differently?
23:00 – Mook on what’s holding black culture back
26:30 – Reaction to the N-Word
31:00 – Mook Convo with Van Lathan
32:30 Joe Budden criticism
34:00 Mook Hurt by Joe Budden
39:50 min Mook on Karen, Scottie & Joe Budden “Protecting our Queens”
43:50 min biz the goof
45:00 – Mal tweets
48:10 – YesJulz verdict – Racist or Culture Vulture?
53:00 – Brother John
55:50 min – Safaree vs. Joe “Buggin”
59:30 min – R Kelly
72:00 Black women
73:00 eliminating the N-word
74:00 black parents
76:00 Kodak black shoots his shot at young ma
78:00 smash or pass
84:00 the power of a nut
86:00 RIP Cliff Dixon & Tech 9

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